A Special Thanks To Our Friends Still Fighting COVID-19 Throughout Our Community

Lou Magazine Submission

Each year, the Louisville Magazine reaches out to members of the community and gives them a chance to speak about community issues, give updates on important news regarding their business, and offer support to those in need. We highly recommend checking out the summer 2020 issue linked below to view this year’s submissions.

Louisville Magazine Summer 2020 Edition

It’s no secret that this year has been filled with non-stop hardships. Along with those challenges many have reached out in support of others and dedicated themselves to helping those hit hardest by the ongoing pandemic. First responders across the country have been there since day one, learning first hand how to combat and treat those inflicted, and experiencing the worst this pandemic has to offer. Yet they continue to endure, showing up each and every day to care for their community. For that, we thank each and every first responder, doctor, nurse, hospital staff member for their sacrifice and hard work to keep us safe and healthy.

View our full submission in the Summer 2020 edition of Louisville Magazine below!