Photo of makeup testers

Beware Hidden Bacteria in Makeup Testers

Dr. Tami Buss Cassis was featured in a recent New Beauty article about what is really lurking inside major retailer’s makeup testers.

Tami Buss Cassis, MD says avoiding dirty makeup testers is more than just about avoiding germs, it’s also key to avoiding a serious infection. “If you come into contact with staphylococcus bacteria or fungus you are at risk for developing an infection,” she says. “If severe enough it can require a trip to the doctor for an antibacterial or antifungal, but more specifically you could develop an abscess on your skin which could require drainage, oral and topical antibiotics.”

If watching the investigative video is not enough of a precaution to keep you away from dirty testers for good, Dr. Cassis advises being extremely cautious if you absolutely must try on the lipstick, eyeshadow or blush before committing to the purchase. “If you must test, make sure the tester is sealed, use an individual one-time use applicator and put on the back of your hand,” she advises. “The best option is to purchase a new tube and just know what the return policy at the store is. At the very least, think of what the cost of a trip to the doctor and medications will cost you the next time you step up to the trial counter.”