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May is National Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness Month

It’s National Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness Month and Dr. Tami Cassis has an alarming statistic. One American dies of Melanoma every hour. Be safe in the sun. Thanks Kentucky Medical Association for spreading awareness about skin cancer.

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Five Questions on Microneedling with Shannon Cogan at Wave 3

Dr. Cassis answers 5 questions about microneedling with Shannon Cogan at Wave 3 News. Microneedling helps with anti-aging as well as acne scars. Read the full article here.

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Dr. Cassis Shares Her Secret For Looking 30 In Her 40s

Dr. Cassis is featured in this New Beauty article focusing on Microneedling. If you are interested in scheduling a Mirconeedling appointment, call 502-326-8588.

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Most Trending Noninvasive Procedures

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Healthier Skin in 2017