Dr. Cassis Featured on Wave 3 News Discussing Winter Weather Conditions at SDF Airport

Dr. Cassis Featured on Wave 3 News Discussing Winter Weather Conditions at SDF Airport

Dr. Cassis was featured on Wave 3 News discussing important insights on snow and ice conditions at The Louisville Muhammed Ali International Airport.

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Every Wonder How Much Sunscreen You Actually Need?

As we previously mentioned in a recent New Beauty article, our biggest anti-aging tip is preventing the damage before it occurs with daily moisturizer and SPF use. A common question we hear during the spring and especially the summer is “How much sunscreen should I be applying?”. That question can now be put to rest thanks to a new article article from our friends at NewBeauty.com

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11 Top Doctors Share the Number-One Anti-Aging Tip on NewBeauty.com

New Beauty recently reached out to 11 leading dermatologists across the country to get their favorite anti-aging advice they love to tell each of their patients. For tips ranging from sunscreen recommendations to sage wisdom that only a doctor would know after years of experience, be sure to check out the quick read at the link below.

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A special thanks to our friends still fighting COVID-19 throughout our community

Each year, the Louisville Magazine reaches out to members of the community and gives them a chance to speak about community issues, give updates on important news regarding their business, and offer support to those in need.


‘Maskne’ Is A Real Thing—Here’s How to Treat and Prevent It

“Maskne” breaks outs have developed as a result of our increased use of face coverings. Dermatologists look at how to steer clear from pimples while staying safe in this New Beauty article.

Dr. Cassis suggests a cleanser and face scrub combo to keep skin clean with a little Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. Daily Care Foaming Cleanser and Avene Gentle Exfoliating Gel.

Dr. Dan's Natural Lipbalm

Top Derms Share Their Favorite Skin Care Products Under $10

Dr. Cassis and other dermatologists provided a list of budget friendly skin care products.

Louisville, KY dermatologist Tami Buss Cassis, MD says her pick helps anyone say good-bye to dry lips—simply: “Dr. Dan’s Lip Balm is a must! Who doesn’t always want to be kissable?”

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FTC Warns Against Fake COVID Treatments

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve experienced a tidal wave of new information. While we all work to overcome this new challenge it can be difficult to quickly identify and separate out false information like the misleading treatments the FTC has warned of in their recent announcement.

With that mind, New Beauty set out and asked several Dermatologists for their feedback on how patients can properly vet advertised treatments including our own Dr. Tami Cassis who provided the quote featured below:

“Make sure your doctor is board certified,” says Prospect, KY dermatologist Tami Buss Cassis, MD. “Doctors certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties go through significant training and ‘Do No Harm’ is rule number one when you take the Hippocratic oath.”

This issue is unlikely to resolve itself easily and we recommend that all patients stay vigilant during these difficult times. If you see any mention of potential treatments on the internet, please contact our team before engaging in those potentially harmful activities.

To read more about this issue and see what other dermatologists had to say, visit the New Beauty article!

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The Many Reasons You May Want to Clean Your Makeup Brushes—Stat

In their new article, New Beauty recommends cleaning your makeup brushes to prevent introducing new bacteria on your skin.

“It has always been important to clean your brushes to protect your face from germs, which includes bacteria, virus and fungus,” she says. “But, of course, it’s now important that we reflect on the fundamentals of life and make sure we are measuring up.”

Cleaning your make up brushes will help you avoid bacterial infections, viral infections and fungal infections. Call to schedule an appointment if you have any concerns.

Dandruff Treatment

All the Reasons You Might Be Experiencing Dandruff for the First Time

New Beauty shared a list of reasons you may be experiencing dandruff for the first time during COVID-19. One of the main reasons is stress, as pointed out by our own Dr. Cassis.

“Just about every diagnosis in dermatology can be linked to flare when the body is under stress,” says dermatologist Tami Buss Cassis, MD, who offers encouraging words of wisdom: “Back at the ranch, it’s ideal to stay home and help manage your stress—but, if you have an issue, your board-certified dermatologist has your back. Reach out to your local dermatology office for a telederm appointment and they will walk you through specific tips that can help you.”

You can read the full article and then schedule a telederm appointment.