FTC Warns Against Fake COVID Treatments

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve experienced a tidal wave of new information. While we all work to overcome this new challenge it can be difficult to quickly identify and separate out false information like the misleading treatments the FTC has warned of in their recent announcement.

With that mind, New Beauty set out and asked several Dermatologists for their feedback on how patients can properly vet advertised treatments including our own Dr. Tami Cassis who provided the quote featured below:

“Make sure your doctor is board certified,” says Prospect, KY dermatologist Tami Buss Cassis, MD. “Doctors certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties go through significant training and ‘Do No Harm’ is rule number one when you take the Hippocratic oath.”

This issue is unlikely to resolve itself easily and we recommend that all patients stay vigilant during these difficult times. If you see any mention of potential treatments on the internet, please contact our team before engaging in those potentially harmful activities.

To read more about this issue and see what other dermatologists had to say, visit the New Beauty article!